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Fondue Night : This winter Tuesdays are Fondue night at CRU. Come and enjoy home-made cheese fondue with your favorite glass of wine. Reservations recommended 71-130 351

Anthony Bernoty sang oldies and your favorite classic songs at CRU wine bar on Tuesday nights during the month of July

During the past month two of our customers celebrated their birthdays with their friends at the CRU wine bar

A corporate event was held at CRU wine bar in the first week of August when the whole place was booked for that event

Look in the fall for more special events including some singing engagements

REVIEWS on tripadvisors

Great hospitality...Neat and modern design..Great steak..Great wine drinking and tasting opportunity! We loved you as Turks from Istanbul!!! - Goklit

Finally a great restaurant in Beirut that combines friendly neighbourhood feel with a selection of the best wines available. - JillBoutros

What's special about this place is that it's a family owned and operated business. The owners make you feel you're at home. - Fadi_rajeh

I love the place and I can say it's one of the top 10 restaurants in Lebanon. - Fadi_rajeh

The crowd at CRU is a little more classier and sophisticated then the rest of the bars in Hamra. Although their food menu is concise, the selections are delicious. I would recommend the steak. - FooDivaa

The Coolest and most stylish restaurant on the block - ThingsonTour

Great wine, Great crowd .. First wine bar in busy Hamra street, great selection of wines, great food and a great mood - Nammourette

The staff are very friendly and are no doubt the best of the best in the business.. In fact its what makes me prefer this place over any other in hamra - Concillary

Cute, calm place to have a nice glass of wine - Dina K

Last weekend we went to Cru to celebrate my best friend's birthday! It was the most amazing experience! Food was delicious, and because it's a wine bar they had some of the best wine ever. - Isa_Bella_2707

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